Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pondering pesos

The best $6 we've spent: two rickety bicycle rentals at Coba, the rather spread-out ancient Mayan ruins Josh and I explored on our own (we left Z with my Mom and Rick).

The worst $8 we've spent: Day rental of 2 lounge chairs and a beach umbrella in Playa Del Carmen. The wind was so gusty Z refused to leave the shelter of the chairs and the view was dominated by topless European women and (more unattractively) ultra-bronzed Euro men in neon thongs. We lasted maybe 45 minutes.

Priceless: Being a member of the secret society of parents of young children. Z spiked a fever last night and I sent Josh off in search of some Children's Tylenol--or its Mexican equivalent. But rather than head to the understocked and overpriced Super Chomak in central Akumal, he stopped the first parent of a toddler he saw (just outside the condo). Naturally, they were more prepared than us and they graciously lent us a full bottle of the stuff.

Just like last year, we've befriended lots of families with kids between the ages of 18 months and 4. Z is drawn to other children like a magnet, but she spends half of her socializing time saying "I don't wanna share my toys." I guess when all you have is a bucket, rake and shovel, you get pretty possessive.

I'll be packing up our sandy belongings tomorrow. It feels just a little too soon.