Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Z says

"I love my boo-boos. Cause when I get an owie, I get a Band-Aid!"
"At doctor's office, we can look at Mommy's belly button? Listen to the baby?" (No, this appointment was for my foot, not my fetus.)
"We had lots of fun at the doctor's office." (Toys, stickers and Band-Aids for Z, liquid nitrogen for Mommy's foot)
"Adrian wants milk from Adriana's boobies." (Referring to her day care provider, who is nursing her 1-month-old)
"I don't like banilla baby yogurt. I want banana!" (I wish Stonyfield Farms would sell an all-banana 6 pack of Yo Baby.)
"I need to go to work. I'm going to a concert!" (Yes, she's her daddy's girl.)