Friday, April 11, 2008

Gender roles? What are those?

Parent Bloggers Network is asking mommybloggers to write about the traditionally male pursuits at which they excel. Could there be any easier blog topic for me? I mean, Josh and I have been flipping gender roles like buttermilk pancakes since Z was born over three years ago. I work full time. He freelances part-time. I bring home the bacon. He serves it on top of balsamic chicken breasts and spinach salad.

Sure, I still breastfeed the babies, push the stroller and ride shotgun (when I'm home), but he's doing the preschool pick up and drop off, scheduling weekday playdates and pushing the swings alongside the nannies and SAHMs at the local park.

And while I don't take out the trash or clean gutters, I mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, pay the bills, handle our taxes (with help from a paid professional) and negotiate large purchases. Remember when I haggled with the dealership for 6 hours before bringing home our CR-V?

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