Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leaving my babies behind

At this time tomorrow, Josh and I will be hurling westward at 30,000 feet, putting 2200 miles between us and our children. It's for a wedding, and I'm sure the girls will be fine. We'll put Cinderella on the DVD player on repeat, scatter cat food and Goldfish crackers over the dining floor and draw pictures to help our three year old remember the mechanics of mixing a bottle of formula for her baby sister.

Actually, we're leaving the girls in the experienced hands of my mother and her fiance (yes, they're getting married in 2 months!). Sure, their child-rearing experience is 25 and 15 years old, respectively, but how much has changed since the 1970s anyway? (Aside from expensive, complicated double strollers, 5-point harness car seats, a reversal on sleeping positions, nutritional guidelines, poisonous plastics...okay I'm stopping now.) Anyway, how much damage can a grandmother do in three days?

I'm so confident in her and her future husband's abilities, that I'm meeting them at the airport to hand over our house keys, our car, and a little sheet of child care tips. That's eight pages long. Single spaced.

Photo by Scott Beale|Laughing Squid