Thursday, April 03, 2008

Taking a walk in my shoes, sort of

"We're both grown-ups, right Mommy?"
"Well, I'm a grown-up, but I thought you were still a child."
"Pretend I'm a grown-up. We're grown-ups and we wear sparkawy shoes."
"But I don't have any sparkly shoes!"
"Pretend your high heels are sparkawy, okay Mommy?"
"All right. What should we grown-ups do?"
"Talk about grown-up stuff. Things only grown-ups do."
"Like what?"
"Feeding babies. Changing diapers. Um..."
"Going to work?"
"Yeah, going to work. And going to Ohio..."
"Sleeping in a big bed?"
"And wearin' bras..."
"Drinking wine?"
"Yeah, and drinkin' coffee... and eatin' salad!"