Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What? No salad bowls at Cosi!?!

I love Cosi's Signature Salad and get it about once a week. Today was going to be one of those lucky days. I headed over to the Clark & Lake location around 1pm and stood in line behind 4 or 5 other people.

The line didn't move. And didn't move. Soon there were 10, 15 people lined up behind me. Finally, the line in front of me started breaking up.

"No salad bowls...They're out of bowls," reported one of my fellow customers. No word from the staff. No apologies. No offers of alternative options. No coupons toward a future visit.

I left, bummed that I'd have to find lunch elsewhere. And I was even more bummed by that "elsewhere salad," a too-lightly dressed, mostly iceberg Cobb salad from Tuscany.

UPDATE! I received this email on Friday, April 25th from John Ahem, Cosi District Manager:

"Hello, I apologize for the disappointing experience that you had at our Clark and Lake location. We had a supply issue with our salad bowls in all of the downtown stores. While there is no excuse for this, it should have been communicated to all guests by the staff. I am terribly sorry about this and this will not be an issue moving forward."

He didn't address me by name (even though I'd left it on their website form), but he did offer to send a coupon for a free entree if I wrote back with my mailing address, which I did.