Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pissed off and inspired

I watched the Iraq war documentary No End in Sight with Josh this week and it made my blood boil. Every single time the Bush Administration had to make a critical decision, they made the wrong one. The arrogance is truly astounding. The tragedy is monumental. And the cost is absolutely astonishing. Please buy or rent this DVD.

But lest I spend this week shaking my head and thinking we Americans can't do anything right in the Muslim world, I'm also reading Three Cups of Tea--what an inspirational story! It chronicles the adventures of a mountain climber/emergency room nurse who, barely escaping death, stumbles into a remote mountain village in Pakistan and ends up building schools for the poor (including girls) in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It's a true chronical of international development, but it is also intensely personal and a gripping story complete with wily criminals, religious zealots, wise but illiterate village chiefs, a kidnapping and a whirlwind romance (Greg Mortenson meets and marries his soulmate in 6 days).