Monday, April 21, 2008

We didn't survive, we thrived!

Josh and I returned home from our trip to LA late last night, and I've got to hand it to my mom and Rick: Not only were our kids happy, healthy and adequately fed while we were away--but the house was immaculate too!

A apparently spent the weekend working out her little baby muscles. She's still not quite crawling, but she can maneuver herself across the floor in search of toys and food. Z missed us but enjoyed the novelty of having her grandparents around instead of her folks. Particularly since that meant umpteen trips to the local park and a visit to the ice cream parlor at 10:30 on Sunday morning.

It was great to hear my mom and Rick's impressions of our kids--mostly because they line up pretty much with our own opinions. In a nutshell? Z is smart and creative, but too often puts those skills to use with truth-stretching and elaborate negotiations. ("Mommy says I don't have to drink milk. I drink juice instead." and "It's okay if I wear my sparkly shoes to the park; I'll take them off before I go in the sand.")

My mom described Baby A as a jolly, giggling and "a gaping maw," always hungry for whatever was on everyone else's plate and able to suck down a bottle in two minutes flat!