Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby A: 11 months old

Taunted as I am by the empty back half my second-born's baby book, I felt the need to capture a few notes about Baby A at 11 months old.
Weight: approximately 20 lbs.
Size: Adorably chubby, in stark contrast to her slim sister. She's wearing clothes at 11 months that Z wore at 22 months.
Words she says regularly: Mama, Dada, all done, mo (more), hi, bye, Nana (for Adriana)
Words she knows: There are probably many more I'm not thinking of, but she definitely know her sister's name, up, cat, dog, banana, eat, nurse, milk, bottle, bath, outside, no, ball and uh-uh
Physical milestones: A started crawling right around 10 months and figured out how to pull herself up at 11 months. She can "walk" holding onto an adult's hands or by cruising along furniture. She's learning to climb the stairs, but needs a lot of supervision. She can clap, wave hi and bye, splash water, guide a spoon to her mouth and put food into our mouths.
Favorite foods: fruit, fruit and dairy products. She loves strawberries, grapes, peaches, plums, blueberries and bananas. Plain yogurt, natural cheese, raisins, graham crackers and Goldfish are favorite snacks. A's also a big fan of chicken and pasta and likes salmon, meatballs, black beans and most vegetables.
Favorite activities: bathtime, swimming at the pool, wagon rides with her sister or cousin, playing ball, taking things out of boxes, bags and purses, eating refrigerator magnets, mobile phones and other forbidden items, executing a sideways flip while undergoing a diaper change.