Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Vacation Part 2: Forgetful runs in the family

My sister outdid Josh in the forgetfulness department today. At 5am this morning she and her husband packed up their baby and a month's worth of luggage and took a cab to Dulles Airport. Only their flight to Chicago was from National. Fortunately they were only delayed by a few hours and out two long cab fares.

Before they arrived we checked out the soggy, deserted local beach. Z stripped off her clothes and ran in the shallow water, pretending she was the Little Mermaid. A tried to eat sand.

When Eleanor's family finally arrived (with the help of their in-dash GPS), I got to see my adorable toddling niece and watch my kids interact with their one and only cousin. The two little ones engaged in parallel play and handed toys back and forth a bit, and Z enjoyed being the ringleader for a change. 

I got to (wo)man the grill again tonight. Yesterday I grilled locally made Italian sausages; today I made barbecue chicken and corn on the cob.