Friday, June 06, 2008

It's summer and I'm going on vacation

The mercury hit 90 in Chicago yesterday, and the wet blanket of warm air continues today. I kind of wish we could enjoy some semblance of spring in this city, but what can I do? I feel like I just turned off the heat for good and now I'm helping Josh install a hernia-inducing A/C unit in dining room window.

Oh, but wait! Tomorrow starts our summer vacation! We're driving to Sawyer, Michigan (aka Harbor Country®) for five nights of rest and relaxation* at a VRBO house with a pool. Except we're not going alone. Oh no! My sister, her Australian husband and their dual-passport-holding 12 month old will be there (all the way from Sydney). My mom and her fiance Rick will be there. And in semi-late-breaking news his two daughters may be joining us. Or not. Even though my mom and future step dad are packing up their Hyundai today, his late teens/early 20s kids haven't figured out if their driving, flying, or Greyhound busing it to Sawyer. Apparently the anal retentive gene is hereditary and we're not related.

Hopefully we'll all enjoy a lovely week of sandy beaches, coordinated nap times and gourmet meals (I'm looking at you, Simon). And we won't kill each other over heated games of Scrabble, too much use of the free wireless Internet and the inevitable jockeying for the bathrooms. I'll try to do my share of hogging the computer and blog from the beach.

*With two small children, I don't really expect much in the way of rest and relaxation. I'll settle for drippy ice cream cones, sandy diaper changes and the smell of sunblock.