Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mom as first responder

Do me a favor: get yourself first aid kit like this one. That way you'll be prepared for the moment when you have to grab your baby out of the bathtub and run downstairs to clean, bandage and tightly wrap the nasty gash your husband has on his ankle. A gash he got by putting giant, unwrapped shards of broken glass in the kitchen garbage. I didn't have to upend my linen closet and medicine cabinet to find everything I needed. It was all there--alcohol wipes, gauze, large bandages and medical tape.

While is a fairly deep, nasty cut, it seemed more urgent care clinic worthy than emergency room worthy. Naturally the urgent care clinic closed 15 minutes after we'd stopped the bleeding. So Josh toughed it out overnight and is at the clinic now. We'll see if he ends up getting stitches.