Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I got a code on my birfday

Hopefully I won't be too stuffed up to taste my vanilla-lemon birthday cake tonight.

As far as my birthday haul goes, my bike trailer hasn't arrived from BabyAge yet, but I got some lovely jewelry from my sister, a family portrait by this local artist from my mom and electronic greetings from friends and relatives, my dentist, Sephora and Cold Stone Creamery. Unfortunately the ice cream parlor's "free birthday creation" coupon seems incompatible with any Mac browser.

I've always loved celebrating my birthday (except for last year when my Grandma died that day), and today is no exception. The last 12 months were busy and truly blessed. I gave birth to my second (and likely last) child, took my newborn to BlogHer, and enjoyed a summerlong maternity leave. I walked Z to preschool for the very first time and saw her finish her first year at Montessori a very mature, bright little girl. I invested in some major home improvements, landscaping our yard and finishing the basement. And I switched jobs, leaving OgilvyAction, where I'd worked for almost 8 years, for a new position at Arc Worldwide.

I can't imagine 32 will hold as many milestones, but I'm ready for the ride. First up? Baby A's first birthday party, taking two kids to the Pitchfork Music Festival and Lollapalooza and a trip to Portland to visit Franny and family.