Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Vacation Part 1: The stuff we left behind

"Considering how much you over-packed*, I wonder what we forgot," Josh mused as we pulled out of our driveway around noon.
We discovered the answer that afternoon as I was getting the kids into their swimsuits: his swim trunks. Considering this is one of the few places in the U.S. without a Kmart/Wal-Mart/Target nearby, I offered to take Z on a shopping adventure this morning, and we headed for the Lighthouse Outlets in Michigan City, Indiana, about 15 miles away.
We left the house a little after 9:30 so that we could arrive around opening time at 10am. When we pulled up at 10:05, things looked awfully, um, closed. I glanced at my phone and it said 9:12. Damn time zone switch! We had 45 minutes to kill, so I bought my skinny little girl a mini trucker's breakfast at a real time warp of a diner. Aside from my daughter, I was the youngest patron there by about 40 years.
When the outlets opened, we sped through, picking up swim trunks for Josh and jelly shoes and pajamas for Z and her sister at the Gap and a couple of tees and cotton dresses for Z at Osh Gosh. We also got some pool and sand toys at KB Toys Outlet (buy 2, get 1 one free) and a few snacks at Pepperidge Farm.
Hopefully Z will actually take her nap (she making dramatic noises right now) so we can spend the afternoon in the pool.

*I did not over pack. The Pack N Play, booster seat and stroller may be bulky, but life without them would suck.