Monday, June 23, 2008

No compassion at the candy counter

Have you heard about the Rocky Mountain Candy Company location that denied a mother's pleas to give her 5 year old girl access to a bathroom? The child was moaning "diarrhea, diarrhea," and as any parent knows, you've got seconds to spare when that happens.

Anyway, the counter staff denied her requests for mercy and the poor kid crapped her pants. But get this: when mom called up the store to speak to the manager, "She told me to sue if it makes me feel happy."

I understand that many stores have an employees-only policy on bathrooms, but I've never encountered anything but graciousness when I've had to ask permission on my child's behalf. Yes, I've dodged tubs of cleaning fluid, leaning mop towers and huge bags of flour, but navigating a little clutter is worth it when your kid's "gotta go right now!" I left a comment on the company's customer service page letting them know I'm outraged by their lack of compassion.