Tuesday, June 03, 2008

She said "milk"

As I was throwing an empty bottle into Baby A's daycare bag this morning, she lunged for it, whimpered a bit and then said, "Milk."

I hustled her next door to Adriana's, but it was clear that she wanted a bottle in spite of the fact that she doesn't usually get one until after her morning nap. And then I figured out why she was hungry. I'd nursed her at 4:30am this morning before putting her back in her crib, where she slept until 6:30. It didn't occur to me to offer her any more milk when she woke up because I was already out of bed and showered!

"Milk" isn't her first word, though. She's been saying "Mama" and "hi" with some regularity, "mo" for "more" and something that sounds a lot like "All done!" when she's finished eating (right before she sweeps everything off her highchair tray).